You DO NOT have to handle your emotions.

Today I stumbled upon yet another post where a fellow human was referring to the practice of tending to our emotions using the word HANDLE.

It is my pet peeve, like the word DEAL WITH; they are harsh and don’t reflect the kind of care our emotional landscapes need.

Nothing needs to be handled or dealt with—it sounds like leaving a child in a corner if they’re “acting out”—but we can navigate them instead. 

Navigate, what a beautiful verb. It reminds us that emotions are temporary like the weather at sea; unpredictable like storms; strong like the wind; untamable like waves; full of surprises, like deep ocean waters.

So friends, this is your friendly reminder to re consider your words. Now, how do you navigate your emotions as a human being in this complex world? How does it compare to “handling” or “dealing with” them?

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