Today I am flying with Norwegian airlines. It is one of the best airlines I have ever flown with: the staff is friendly, they are not late, and that makes them a great company because they can be really cheap.
Also, there is wifi on the plane.
Wifi! On a plane! Up in the air, above the clouds! When you’re flying 800kph! 11 000 meters above the ground (these are numbers given by their website at the moment).
The first time I flew with them, I was astonished and couldn’t get over myself for the whole duration of the trip (2h).  How can it be? How does it work? Now it’s the third time I get to check my emails and Instagram feed while sitting here and glancing over at the nearby clouds and I just wonder how our society just got here, to where it is.
Some kids can’t go to school or even eat and some others get to watch YouTube videos while on the plane.
How can this be, really?
I am as amazed at how much we can do as I am saddened at how little we actually do.
And in the magazine they put in the back seat in front of you, one article talks about robots and how they might start working as receptionists and PR agents in the future!
Don’t get me wrong. I love our time and I am very grateful we have new technologies, and I love that our world is so connected in oh so many ways, and I am in no way discussing wether we should stop all that.
But shouldn’t we also focus on the vital things? Couldn’t we get robots to Kenya and making them fetch water instead of letting 10-year-old girls do it? Couldn’t we have robots build housing facilities in Brazil or Russia fast? Couldn’t we focus on creating chips that would provide humans from corrupting the world (ok, that one might take a while)?
I’m not saying no one is doing anything either.
I’m just wondering why I am sitting here on this plane, about to press the “post” button of this app  while in other parts of the world, families will have to get up and fight to get food and water, just to survive.
21st century. I’m just wondering why.

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