Published October 2015.

It was 6.40am at CDG airport, I am about to fly back to Copenhagen, both emotionally and physically exhausted from the draining hectic days I’d just spent, and from the time my alarm had rung. All I could think of was my seat on the plane, standing gaping, stomach starting to growl. I decided to go get a drink at the Relay shop, the red one you find everywhere at train stations and airports in France. Every time I see it, I feel a mix of peace and excitement, which cannot be for the place itself. It is very impersonal and cold; but when I was a kid, before getting on a train or plane somewhere, my mom would always allow me and my sisters to go the Relay shop and get a magazine to read on. That morning, I stood there, scanning through the titles in front of me. What did I feel like reading today? Did I feel like reading at all? Science, photography, life-style? Politics, news, economy? Nothing I had in front of me really managed to convince me. I walked, sleepy, to the drinks display, chose a chocolate one and headed for checkout.

Bus early morning light

Sunrays through a window in the fall, that I love (SOURCE)


As I waited for the clients to pay before me, I looked around and my eyes suddenly stopped on a colorful, hard-cover magazine. Without thinking, I stepped forward and reached for it. I looked inside, turned the pages five by five; it is full of beautiful colors and illustrations, there is an article about cooking, one about living in the present, another on writing and an extra notebook for a 30-day writing challenge; detachable hard-page drawings here and there… Out of curiosity, I take a quick look at the price, knowing within that it won’t really carry weight in the inner discussion I am about to have with myself. Without thinking twice, I decide it is mine and walk to the counter. 8,95€, s’il vous plaît, I pay and walk back to my gate; I get on the plane, and as expected, fall asleep before we take off.

Flow magazine France cover

Cover of this month French version of Flow

Flow is a lifestyle magazine whose main focus is making the readers happy, among other positive emotions you experience when going through the pages. I felt energetic, amazed, curious; I was impressed and inspired; I dreamt and thought anything was possible. More importantly, I felt inspired, inspired to be and give importance to the little things that make me happy, because after all, they truly are what matters – and that is exactly what the magazine manages to give evidence of. After reading an article the team wrote in this month edition (the great happiness of small things, in French, Le grand bonheur des petites choses), I decided to sit down and make a list of little things that make me happy.

I love
Getting on my bike after a few days away from home

Drinking latte in the Sun on a bench by the water
Wearing pyjamas early in the evening on a cold winter day
Going to the cinema
Playing card games on rainy Summer days
When my cat purrs
Looking at Autumn leaves falling & turning in the wind
Hugging someone I haven’t seen in a long time
Stepping on a sandy beach for the first time in a year
Going to the airport
Walking barefoot
When the queue I am in goes fast
Drinking water after a swim
Turning on a dim light before going to bed
Eating chocolate cake
Going to a cosy café I’ve never been to
Blowing candles
Making faces with laughing kids
Receiving a kiss on the forehead

Create happiness

Found on Superwoman’s Facebook page


On Thursday morning, after experiencing the chaos that life can be, I was reminded that even in the darkest places, when feeling lost and helpless, you always have the power to turn things around. It might be deep within you, but it’s there somewhere, the light, the ability to be happy, because you are alive; brace yourself, it’s an adventure, and it’s absolutely worth it.

P.s. Check out Nancy’s blog, where you can be inspired to seize little things when you’re feeling down. 

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