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Who's There?


When everyone wants to go to the restaurant, if I stay alone, I don’t care, I’ll write. When everyone is worried they’re going to lose their jobs, I don’t care, because if I have no job, I’ll write. When everyone goes on holiday, I don’t care, because if I stay here, I’ll write. When I end up alone in an airport or on a train, I don’t care, because I write. When I have lunch by myself, I don’t care, because I write. When I should go to bed because it is getting late, I don’t care, I write. In the waiting room, I write. In hotel rooms, I write. When the days are too long, the wounds are burning, the hope is lost, I write. And when I’m not, I wonder what I could really write about.


Extract from Il pleut en amour, written by Richard Brautignan, from my research. I translated it myself, because I love translating towards English, and because I agree with what these words say, but I think there is an official version in English. 

Now, who’s really there?


This is me! I am very smiling person 🙂 This was taken in Ireland last October (2016)


Since very early in my life, I have been passionate about writing. It started as a way to get my thoughts out, reflect on them and collect my ideas to remember them later on. After putting up a significant collection of notebooks – still running -, I have decided to create a blog, where I could share and develop my thoughts as I grow, discover and experience in my daily life.

I love words and chose to write in the three languages I know: French, English, and Spanish, although English is the one I use the most. I find it entertaining to write using different codes, for each language is better at describing emotions, facts, theories and other events worth mentioning.

Here, you will be able to read about three main subjects that are dear to my heart: languages, travel, and what I am tempted to call human wonders. All are related to education, one of the main causes I care about. I find a particular interest in second language acquisition (in other words, what happens in one’s brain when learning and producing speech in a language that is not his or her first), spotting a country’s habits and main cultural features, and anything that world citizens create towards a better living or find about our surprising planet (internet, scientific discoveries, healthy recipes and habits, to name but a few).


Biking around in London! Photo taken last September (2016)


I also absolutely love yoga and nature. I try to get on my mat everyday, and find even more peace in doing so if I can do it by a lake/sea/ocean/forest/mountain. My happiness is complete when the Sun joins the moment and works together with my movements to warm up my cells.

I look forward to sharing my words with you,

Namaste ✨

Ely 🚲