I was inspired by Leesa Renee Hall to create a “Now” page where I share what I’m working on right now, and what’s got my attention. She says she’s often creating things, but doesn’t always finish them. The now page is, as Derek Sivers put it:

It’s a nice reminder for myself, when I’m feeling unfocused. A public declaration of priorities.

Derek Sivers

Leesa uses it to share her current projects, as an incentive, a motivator to keep going and stay focused on one thing instead of – I’m only guessing – a million.

In my opinion, it’s also so easy to see creatives’ final products and forget that everything takes time. So, in the name of transparency and to encourage anyone reading this that things take time (and they should!), I am sharing what I’m working on at the moment, or questions that I’m asking myself.

  • Wondering what categories I should organize my posts in. Over the past year, I have gained more and more clarity on what I want to write about, and now that my book is *almost* out, the gates of creativity are open again. I have so many ideas, and I feel a new sense of confidence. I want to share my world, the question now is: how do I best do that?
  • Processing a lot of new information through the Modern Yoga Teacher Training with Brea Johnson / Heart & Bones Yoga. I have been practicing ‘sustainable yoga’ with Brea for more than a year now (a year and a half?) and I was ready to take my learning deeper. I know I want to teach more movement-based practices, but I’m not sure how. I don’t want to teach ‘normal’ yoga classes on a regular basis, but I do want to teach movement. It is so inherently linked to my views on our sedentary, productivity-centered, competition-obssessed world. Now… how do I do that?
  • This month I decided to have a 3h30 work day as my baseline. I only work in the mornings. It’s working incredibly well and I feel more productive and mentally stable than ever. I have more energy. More ideas. More of everything that I need. I will share more about it in the future…
  • I am thinking about the idea that quality is better than quantity and seeing how that can apply in more areas in my life. I have been looking at this from the publishing angle: I am about to publish a book through the Shut Up & Up Library. Shut Up & Yoga is online independent magazine – which I co-run – and it never occurred to me to go the ‘traditional’ publishing route. In fact, I don’t care how many copies the book sells; rather, I care about the meaningful and insightful conversations it will create.

What about you? What are you doing, making, learning, and thinking about?

Page last updated November 2020.